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Our Story

Danny instinctively knows what works for his customers; and we are very excited about the portfolio he has curated for our clients.  


We are proud to supply wines both in London and throughout the UK from a number of iconic producers, many of which have previously been unavailable in these areas.

We have wines at all price points and the capability to fulfill all and any key positions on your list.  


We only supply Restaurants, Hotels, Bars & Pubs; nothing else. It is all we do and the wines in our portfolio are primed to do just that.

Scroll down if you would like to know more about Danny & Peter.

Danny Spencer

Danny joined Boutinot Wines in 1995, as part of the Independent retail sales team & was UK Sales Director for the on-trade division for more than 18 years.  Under his leadership, turnover in the on-trade division grew from under £1m to £35m+.


Danny understands the requirements of on-trade clients better than anyone else in the business; and that these will vary, not only according to where the client is positioned in the market, but also where they want to be seen within their own sector. 


He knows that there are no "off-the-shelf" solutions, whether created by accountants to hit price points, or by marketing departments to follow short lived trends.  He will ensure that we will supply the right wines, at all price points, on a bespoke basis for each client, to not only improve financial returns, but to enhance and differentiate their wine offering  for their own customers.

Peter Smith

Peter joined Boutinot Wines as Logistics Director in 1999.  He had previously worked in Bass Brewers as Regional Ops Manager & at Hallmark Cards as UK Logistics & Production Manager.  Boutinot group turnover when Peter joined was less than £20m but had grown to £130m+ by 2016.

As Group Ops Director, his responsibilities included inbound logistics from wineries throughout the world; UK warehousing & distribution; Stock Management; Customer Service & Admin. and also Production Planning & Bulk Wine shipping for Boutinot’s own production plants.

With more than 30 years in drinks logistics, there are few people in the sector with his experience.  Peter is a well-known and respected figure in the very different worlds of logistics and wine.  It’s definitely not the “glamorous” side of the wine trade, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.