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East Street Wine Co.

Sourcing fantastic wines from around the world for the finest restaurants, pubs & bars in the UK

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Why did we start East Street Wines? It would be safe to say that like many other operators we became disillusioned by big companies making big decisions on behalf of their accountants not their customers. 


We are doing this because we love wine and we love working with our customers, rather than sitting in a back room counting beans. When you come to East Street Wines you will be dealing directly with us with direct access to Danny and Peter at all times.


You'll find no portfolio or price list on this website.  Rather than releasing a list of hundreds of wines from around the world, which is meaningless to most on-trade customers, it is our avowed policy to curate bespoke wine lists for each & every customer. 

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We have sourced an extensive portfolio of cool, interesting, highly regarded and rarely seen wines from some of the best producers in the world.


That portfolio will grow and evolve as it should but is already more than capable of fulfilling every possible requirement for our customers' wine lists. 

You can take a look at some of the producers we are proud to be working with by visiting our Producers' page. 


East Street Wine Co.

Sourcing fantastic wines from around the world for the finest restaurants, pubs & bars in the UK

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So what's so different about East Street Wines? What makes East Street Wines unique in the industry is that we are, in part, both owned and financed by some of our customers - and it was their idea!

Numerous operators have realised that a relationship based on mutual benefit rather than ‘us and them’ can only be conducive to enhancing the wellbeing of their own businesses.


And, as word spreads, we are delighted to continue to welcome even more quality operators to the East Street family.

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While we are serious about our business, serious about serving the on-trade with a hitherto unseen personalisation & serious about making a decent living... 


To be honest, sourcing wines, tasting them with our growers & customers and working out a list that fulfils their requirements - is all fun to us. 


And for us, trading the thing we love into restaurants and bars is both an absolute privilege and fun. 


Lots of fun!


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